3d Glass Photo Cube

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3d glass picture cube is one of the most elegant and trendy picture framing items these days. With its clear display and ultimate purpose it has established itself to be a major player in the contemporary home decor industry. It is the perfect way to preserve family memories for many generations to come. 3d glass picture cube is not only stylish and convenient to use but also has the potential of fetching high market value when auctioned off.

3d glass picture cube

There are several 3d glass photo cube manufacturers in Canada. 5 out of 6 stars (67) overall 67 reviews. striving to always provide the highest quality to their customers. 3d glass photo cube with white backdrop and black trim. The translucent shade makes it very appealing and elegant piece to treasure for a lifetime. Perfect for every moment, every day, every year – this is one item you can not afford to miss out on.

Perfect gift for anyone, this 3d glass photo cube with photo cell technology will bring memories of your vacations, family get-togethers or special events right to your doorstep. This 3d glass photo cube is ideal for framing memorable and meaningful photographs of your kids, spouse, grandparents, or even pets. You can add an attractive frame to your photo cube with the help of its unique photo cell technology. The cube is lightweight with hardy crystal glass.

Get hold of your most treasured memories by using the 3d crystal photo cube with photo cell technology. You can keep all of your most treasured memories in one beautiful 3d glass photo cube. This cube makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. It makes an excellent gift for your daughter for her birthday, or your son for his first driving lesson.

3d glass photo cubes with photo cell technology let you change the color of your cubes whenever you like. Its crystal clear color makes it ideal for displaying your favorite photographs and photos of your children. You can change the background and other attributes of the cube anytime you like. With the help of 3d technology, you can enjoy the effect of changing the light environment inside the cube without any trouble. The 3d glass photo crystal cube with photo cell technology also enables you to use different colored filters in order to get different effects. You can also apply an effect of depth in your 3d glass photo cube to enrich its appearance.

3d glass photo cubes are available with a variety of features and shapes. The cubic shape has a transparent cover over a central glass pane, while the hexagonal shape has two glass panels with transparent panels on both sides. The square shape has a hexagonal pattern inside with six equally spaced out squares. In case of the hexagonal version, each square has an inset photograph. All the shapes have a three-dimensional effect when the photograph is placed inside them.

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